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Boy in toy storeWhen I was young we didn’t take many vacations. It never really bothered me. I knew we couldn’t afford it.

I didn’t really care much though. I lived in a small town and frankly, I was kind of scared to leave it.

Besides, I didn’t understand why people would spend money on vacations when they could save it and buy nice “stuff”, like TVs and baseball cards.

In fact, I didn’t understand kids wasting money on food and candy when they could buy “stuff”.

It didn’t change much as I got older. Why spend money on trips and vacations when we could spend it on getting more “stuff”.

My name is Dustin, and I like stuff.

Well, not so much anymore.

I’ve slowly been changing. I’ve heard so many people tell me, “money doesn’t buy happiness”.

My thought was always, “Well, give me lots of money and I’ll see if I can prove you wrong.”

It’s one of those ideas that I don’t think you can fully buy into unless you experience it. (No pun intended)

Lately I have found that I have reached a lot of milestones or goals that I have set for myself throughout life. Goals relating to homes, incomes, and “stuff”.

After a few family vacations over the years, I’ve slowly started to come to the conclusion that I value memories and experiences over “stuff”.

When all is said and done and we are on the flip side, its our memories and experiences we take with us anyway.