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  • Why & How I Use Credit Cards with Envelope Budget

  • I have a couple of credit cards I use for spending. Both are American Express (AMEX) cards I use for benefits and rewards points. Benefits American Express offers a warranty on all purchases. I’ve only used this once, but it was great. I bought my kids iPods for Christmas a few years back. One of […]

  • Save Time Assigning Transactions with Filter Rules!

  • I created a short (2:30) screen cast on how to create filter rules to save time when assigning new transactions to envelopes. I also talk about how to fix conflicts when you have competing rules and when such a situation could occur. Enjoy!

  • Video Tutorial: Import Transaction File

  • I’ve had a few questions on manual bank accounts. While does support OFX Direct Connect, not all banks do. But, most, if not all banks will allow you to download your transactions as an OFX or QFX file. This file can then be imported into EnvelopeBudget to save you a lot of time. I’ve […]

  • All About Bank Accounts

  • I want to talk about bank accounts and how they relate to EnvelopeBudget. By far, the majority of questions I get are related to bank accounts. Most often I get one of the following type of questions: I’m getting an error trying to connect to my bank. What’s going on? I’m getting error 15500. What […]