Imagine getting a paycheck from work and cashing it at the bank and getting all $1.00 bills. You take this large stack of cash home and put it in a pile. As you spend, you watch that pile decrease, until it is all gone. Then you do it again your next paycheck.

As bad as that plan sounds, it really not much different than what most of us to on a month-to-month basis. Instead, we have our paycheck direct-deposited into our checking account. Then we spend and try to keep an eye on the balance of our checking account. Once we run out, we stop spending. Or worse, we let overdraft or credit cards pick up our slack until the next paycheck brings us back to a positive balance.

It is a stressful pattern. Have you every paid for a nice meal out and wondered if you were going have enough money in your account to cover the next rent or mortgage payment?

The goal of EnvelopeBudget is to get you out of this cycle. We help you make sense of your bank account balance. After using properly, in less than 3 months your bank account balance won’t mean much to you at all. You will be more concerned about your virtual envelope balances.

This tour will show you how and why.

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  1. Envelope Wizard
  2. Bank Accounts
  3. Allocating Your Opening Balance to Envelopes
  4. Getting Paid and Creating Allocation Plans
  5. Spending and Tracking
  6. Transferring Money Between Envelopes
  7. Sinking Funds & Emergencies
  8. Using Credit Cards
  9. Paying off Debt
  10. Tracking your Progress
  11. Working with your Spouse
  12. How Makes Tax Time Easier
  13. for Small Businesses

Also, check out some Quick Tips videos to you can get more done in less time!
1. Using Filter Rules to pre-populate envelope assignments