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My kind of DogI hate dogs. There I said it. I know a lot of people will hate me for saying it too. I didn’t know I hated dogs until we got a great dane a couple of years ago. I quickly realized there was nothing I like about dogs.

I don’t like their smell, their slobber, their “accidents”, their bombs all over my back yard, the cost to feed and maintain them. In my mind, there are just no redeeming qualities for everything I don’t like about them.

We eventually gave the dog to my wife’s aunt, who had another grate dane because our boys were getting allergic reactions to the dog hair. I was relieved. My wife and kids didn’t appreciate my attitude.

My family has been begging for another dog every since. Everyone except for my 5 year old, who I can tell didn’t care for the dog either.

I guess I don’t completely hate them. I don’t mind other peoples’ dogs. I will even pet them. I just don’t want one living in my house.

Our neighbors have a dog named buddy. It is a pretty big dog, I’m not sure what kind of dog it is. It only likes women and children though. He runs from me most of the time. When we first moved into this house, our daughter (8 at the time) was certain the dog’s name was “Dog”. When we asked her how she knew she said, “there is a sign on the house that says ‘Beware of Dog’.”

Lately Buddy has spent a lot of time in our yard. They have an invisible fence, but he can’t resist the urge to chase the balls that our son loves to hit around the back yard, or just play with our two year old boy.

Our two year old especially loves Buddy. You would think he would be scared of the dog, but he never has been. We often find him outside playing in the backyard with Buddy.

Buddy is pretty old. He has a bad hip and walks with a limp.

Yesterday morning, our neighbor called my wife to let her know that Buddy died in his sleep. He said that he saw our two year old outside his window Sunday evening petting Buddy. He said it was as if he knew and was saying goodbye. It was very sweet and literally brought tears to my eyes.

Farewell Buddy. We will miss you.