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I’ve been sitting on a tool for a while that I haven’t told anyone about. It’s a very simplified mobile version of From the beginning I wanted Envelope Budget to be responsive so it would work on any device. While responsive works OK, a dedicated mobile experience is better. While I don’t really have […]

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In my last post I kind of hinted at the fact the I like movies. I also mentioned that I don’t currently have a DVD player plugged in to any of my TV’s right now. We have a pretty large DVD collection. Several years ago I built at site in PHP to keep track of […]

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I grew up in the 80’s. I vaguely remember when we got our first VCR. My mom recently told me the story behind that purchase. My parents financed the VCR. It was $800! It is shocking to me considering what you can get for that these days – and how worthless VCRs are now. The […]