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Where’s My Video?

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In my last post I kind of hinted at the fact the I like movies. I also mentioned that I don’t currently have a DVD player plugged in to any of my TV’s right now.

We have a pretty large DVD collection. Several years ago I built at site in PHP to keep track of all our DVDs. I haven’t really used that site in years or kept it up to date.

I’m not more into digital movies. I guess one could say I have an addiction to streaming set top boxes. I own 2 Roku boxes, an Apple TV, Chromecast, an Amazon Fire TV, and a G-Box.

I’ve purchased movies from various places. I buy most of my new movies on Amazon Instant Video, but I have also purchased movies on iTunes and Google Play. (Sometimes they have special sales on iTunes, and I’ve tried out VidAngel which currently only supports Google Play.)

I also have a Mac Mini that runs Plex. So now instead of swapping out DVDs and letting my kids scratch them all up, I will just transcode the DVD with Handbrake and store it on my Plex server for them to watch whenever they want.

It can be hard to keep track of all these digital movies. Sometimes I will get an email notification saying my wife has rented or purchased a movie on Amazon when we already own it on another platform.

The Solution

So, what’s a programmer to do? Write an app of course. I created a simple website called Where’s My Video? There is not much information on the site as to how to use it, but it is pretty simple.

It is free, so if you have the same problem as I have keeping track of your movie collection, feel free to sign up and try it out. Hopefully it will also save you some money from renting movies you already own!

Also, it is open source. If you know, or have an interest in Django REST Framework and/or AngularJS and want to contribute, just let me know.