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I want to talk about bank accounts and how they relate to EnvelopeBudget. By far, the majority of questions I get are related to bank accounts. Most often I get one of the following type of questions: I’m getting an error trying to connect to my bank. What’s going on? I’m getting error 15500. What […]

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As many of you know, I’m a BIG Dave Ramsey fan and his courses have greatly influenced this budgeting system. Dave Ramsey is coming to Salt Lake City to speak for the third time. I had the opportunity to have backstage passes the first two times he came and enjoy lunch with him and sit […]

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In a past (employment) life I used to program document management systems that worked with high speed scanners. We were an authorized Canon dealership so we sold high speed Canon scanners to go with them. I worked on a web based tool that allowed you to scan and file documents. It worked using ActiveX so […]