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Gasoline prices are dropping, and that is great news, but has anyone noticed that grocery prices are unusually high? Perhaps it is my growing family of 7, but I think there is more to it. Just do a search for high grocery prices and you’ll see lots of articles that agree, food prices are on […]

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I’ve had a few questions on manual bank accounts. While does support OFX Direct Connect, not all banks do. But, most, if not all banks will allow you to download your transactions as an OFX or QFX file. This file can then be imported into EnvelopeBudget to save you a lot of time. I’ve […]

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I’ve been wanting to take my wife out to lunch for a while now since I’ve been working from home. Now that Christmas is over, kids are back in school, and our baby is now 7 months old, it was a good time. We have tried to have “budget meetings” several times. I’ve tried different […]