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My wife and I spent the weekend working on our house. We just had all the 2nd floor painted – turned all the oak white. We were switching out all the electrical outlets and switches to more modern white plugs and switches and listening to Pandora. I suggested we listened to an audiobook. “Which one?” […]

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I’m a Dave Ramsey fan. But I don’t always follow his advice. The part I have never followed is his guidelines for buying a home: Debt Free 3-6 Month Emergency Fund At least 10% down payment 15-year (or less) fixed rate mortgage House payments at or below 25% of monthly take-home pay Since learning about […]

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I had a friend send me an instant message at work last week. He said he just joined Audible because of one of my previous posts, then he saw my post from last Wednesday. He said the problem with both posts is that I didn’t give a list of the books I owned. I hoped […]