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You’ve probably heard the term “envelope system” or “envelope method” when it comes to budgeting your money. What exactly is it and how does it work? The first time I remember hearing about the envelope system was when I was a missionary in South Africa. As missionaries, we or our families paid our own way. […]

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I was really irritated! Read this story and tell me if I am overreacting, or if you would be miffed as well… A few couple of months ago I took my son to a Jazz game. I’ll be honest, although I love basketball and I even played in high school, I never watch the NBA […]

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I have a couple of credit cards I use for spending. Both are American Express (AMEX) cards I use for benefits and rewards points. Benefits American Express offers a warranty on all purchases. I’ve only used this once, but it was great. I bought my kids iPods for Christmas a few years back. One of […]