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Yesterday I stood in line at Smith’s Marketplace to return some clothes. There was a lady in front me also waiting in line. It looked like she had just finished grocery shopping. She was sharply dressed and was carrying her daughter on her hip – probably about 2 years old. When it was her turn […]

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When I was young we didn’t take many vacations. It never really bothered me. I knew we couldn’t afford it. I didn’t really care much though. I lived in a small town and frankly, I was kind of scared to leave it. Besides, I didn’t understand why people would spend money on vacations when they […]

Jul 16

Buddy the Dog

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I hate dogs. There I said it. I know a lot of people will hate me for saying it too. I didn’t know I hated dogs until we got a great dane a couple of years ago. I quickly realized there was nothing I like about dogs. I don’t like their smell, their slobber, their […]