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Jun 21


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Jun 21

Welcome to the EnvelopeBudget blog!

In this post I just wanted to introduce myself as founder of EnvelopeBudget and explain what my intentions are for the software and this blog.

As many of you know, EnvelopeBudget is a new project based on its predecessor,

I hope to make this blog more personal than Inzolo’s blog. With Inzolo, I mainly focused on blogging about product updates. Here I will still post about relevant product updates, but I want to share my thoughts and experiences with personal finance — the good, the bady, and the ugly (yes, there is so much ugly).

I’m not a personal finance guru. I’m a programmer. On top of that, I’m a husband, a father, a baseball enthusiast, a cancer survivor, entrepreneur and a quiet competitor. I certainly don’t have life figured out, but I’ve decided I will try to share my thoughts, good or bad, with all with you — those who are willing to follow along anyway.

Even as I write this I find myself in a stressful situation because I don’t always follow my own advice and budgeting principles I know to be true.

I’ll elaborate on my situation in future posts.

So feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed and follow along with my journey. Also, please introduce yourself in the comments below as well.