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Jun 22

Meet Catherine

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Jun 22

CatherineIf you are familiar with the system, many of you probably already know Catherine.

Catherine Tenejeros has written the majority of the code you see on EnvelopeBudget. There are portions I have written, such as the OFX integration with banks, but I have mainly focused on managing the product, testing, and code reviews and training.

Catherine is amazing to say the least. She has really pushed this project forward. Many of you have probably received answers to questions from her as well. She has gone above and beyond on this project and I surely appreciate her.

I have always had a full-time job with another company. Inzolo is a business I have run on the side in my early mornings and evenings. I did everything from design, development, sys admin, marketing and customer support. I admit, it burns me out and it probably showed with slow support times.

Catherine on the other hand is dedicated to EnvelopeBudget full time — 40 hours per week. When I get burned out she keeps it moving.

Thanks for all you do Catherine!