Our Story 🔗

How did we get here?

My name is Dustin. I'm a nerd.

I never had much money growing up, but I was profoundly affected by money.

When I was about 11 years old, my parents sat me and my two siblings down on the couch and we had our first serious money conversation. We were told that things were tight and they had a lot of credit card debt they were trying to pay down. I could sense the frustration and blame between my parents.

Not long after, my mom moved out of the house and my siblings soon followed her. It was a traumatic experience that still influences how I view and handle money today.

Throughout my life, I've tried my best to manage my financial resources. I've read dozens of books, attended classes and seminars, and explored various budgeting apps. Some were better than others. I've maintained notebooks to track finances and crafted spreadsheets. I've even developed web applications. EnvelopeBudget is actually the 4th web-based budgeting application I've created (and I won't claim it's my last).

Another hobby I've cultivated over the years is home renovation and remodeling. Often, it's my wife who brings forward new project ideas. Our arrangement has been that for each project, I get to buy or upgrade one of my tools. I have a passion for power tools!

EnvelopeBudget.com is more than just a tool; it's designed to help you manage your finances seamlessly. Unlike some tools that remain unused on shelves, EnvelopeBudget is meant to be a constant companion. There are tools we resort to frequently because they make our lives easier. For instance, I might have up to 6 tape measures scattered around my house, garage, and shed because I use them so much. You know the old saying, "measure twice, cut once"? In a similar spirit:

"Budget twice, buy once."

I genuinely hope this tool aids you in managing your finances in a manner that bolsters your well-being. I hope it provides you with peace of mind, enhances communication with your spouse, and strengthens your relationship.

I'm committed to continually refining this tool and I hope you find joy in using it.